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We have been receiving an increased amount of calls from our members concerned about the recent Equifax data breach. This is undoubtedly a significant event that increases the chance of a person becoming a victim in the future, but it is not an actual ID theft event affecting everyone at this time. Our program is designed to monitor, alert, and provide restoration and reimbursement services if you become a victim, which should give you comfort moving forward. All of our systems are fully functioning and we are ready to serve any client who is affected by this event or the many others that occur on a daily basis.

Even though your personal information may have been included in this data breach, you are not an actual victim of ID theft at this time. There are however, certain steps that you can take to help reduce your risk.

We recommend the following proactive measures to minimize your risk of becoming a victim of ID theft in the future.

  • Equifax will not be sending out emails to possible victims, therefore do not click on any emails from Equifax.
  • Place a fraud alert on your credit report at experian.com. At the bottom of the page, under the SUPPORT tab click on Fraud Alert and follow the instructions. You will be given the opportunity to review your credit report. Review it carefully and contact us if you see anything suspicious.
  • Use extra caution with emails and links. Do not click on an email if you do not recognize the sender, and avoid clicking on any links.
  • Change your passwords for all online accounts and your email address. Once hackers have access to ID and password information they routinely try the same combination across multiple platforms.
  • Check your debit/credit card and bank accounts for suspicious activity
  • Do not give out any personal information over the telephone.
  • Be on alert for anything odd such as a notice about an account you didn't apply for, a letter from a company thanking you for your recent business or your medical explanation of benefits for a service you didn't receive.

We want to thank you for your business and reassure you that whatever circumstances arise in the future we are fully prepared to apply the full breadth of our services to resolve all issues.

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