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Homeowner's Insurance

Finding the Best Rates and Protection for Your Biggest Investment.

Why get one quote at a time?

Zander’s nationwide program compares multiple home insurance plans, helping you find the most competitive rates for the coverage you need... quick and simple.

How We Save You Money

  • We represent the country's top independent home insurers
  • One central place to get multiple quotes to make sure you get the right coverage for the most competitive price
  • Guidance to help you understand the different coverages that are suitable for your insurance needs and your budget
  • Only with Zander, you get annual reviews of your policy to make sure your rates stay as low as possible
  • Easy payment options, flexible down payments and personalized service
  • With four generations and nearly 100 years of experience, we'll be here to help you each step of the way
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What Does Dave Recommend?