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Term Life

What are Health Classes?

Insurance companies use a set of criteria that help them determine your eligibility premiums for life insurance based on your health and lifestyle. The categories noted below are a compilation of guidelines from multiple sources – requirements can vary based on the insurance company with which you apply, and some flexibility is possible. If you have questions or concerns about selecting a health class, please contact us.

Learn about the guidelines to determine your health class:

The following factors should be considered when selecting your health class.

Choose your height for your estimated class:

Alternate Rating Categories

For the approximately 5-8% of applicants that do not qualify for the categories noted above, the insurance companies offer additional rating options beyond Standard. These rates are generally applied to those who have a substantial medical history, such as cancer or major heart problems. If you have questions about the class for which you would qualify, we encourage you to contact a Zander Guide for a customized quote.


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