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Long Term Care

Don't let long term care expenses deplete your family's savings.

According to Genworth Financial
  • Median annual cost for a private nursing home is $91,250
  • Round the clock home care can exceed $170,000 annually
According to the Department of Health and Human Services
  • 70% of people 65+ will need long term care
Having a plan in place to take care of a long term care event will help to ensure your future financial security.
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Long term care insurance is important coverage that provides valuable support and financial resources that can help cover the cost of care in the event of an illness, accident or the effects of aging. Average life expectancy is going up with people living longer which creates a greater need for assisted living, nursing home or in-home care.

Working with long term care insurance providers specializing in nursing home, home health, and assisted living care, provides Zander Insurance an outstanding selection of specialized LTC insurance programs and coverages. We are committed to providing our clients a thorough and professional review addressing key areas of concern in an understandable way.

If you would like to learn more about long term care, please complete the form above or give us a call at 800-356-4282.

When you click "Submit" your information will be sent to a state-licensed, professional LTC Specialist from LTC Consumer, our trusted partner. To help you learn more, the LTC Specialist will consult you by telephone or email to explain how the plan works, who the top carriers are and help match you with the plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Please know, your information is never shared or sold. It's only used to help shop LTC insurance carriers. There's never any pressure, obligation or cost for the consultation.

for your family: planning ahead makes sense

Many people plan in advance for long term care to protect assets and maintain independence. Most importantly, it helps to alleviate becoming a burden to family and friends.