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Not all policies are available in all states from the carriers that we represent. Agent Licenses are noted below as required by state law in California, Minnesota, Louisiana, Utah and Massachusetts:

Arkansas : Jeffrey J Zander    License number   6548
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Minnesota Jeffrey J Zander    License number   20314455
Louisiana: Jeffrey J Zander    License number   243922
Utah: Jeffrey J Zander    License number   130137
Massachusetts Jeffrey J Zander    License number   1774377

Important Notice About How We Are Compensated

To ensure that you, our valued customer, have all the information you need before you purchase an insurance plan from us, we are providing you with the following information about the cost of our services and how we are compensated.

Our services are provided at no extra cost to you. This means that you will not have to pay any fee to us to get information, receive a quote or apply for a policy through our agency.

We are paid by the carrier we represent. If you apply for an insurance plan through our agency and are approved, you'll pay the premium to your chosen carrier, and you'll pay nothing to us. Our compensation comes from the carriers in the form of commissions, bonuses, and occasional incentives, such as travel. These compensation arrangements are standard in the insurance industry.

We are paid a commission by the carriers for each customer that applies for a plan through our company and obtains coverage. Our commission is usually a percentage of the premium paid by the customer to the carrier. Some of the carriers we represent also award trips or other prizes to our company based on the number of customers who purchase their insurance plans through us.

We never recommend plans based on the compensation we receive from a carrier and we do not allow insurance companies to pay fees to improve their placement on our comparative quote engine whether you access our plans through our website or by calling us directly.

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Dave Ramsey is the President of the Lampo Group, Inc., the host of The Dave Ramsey Show, a syndicated radio program concerning personal financial management, and the author of many books about personal financial management. Dave’s program and books are designed to provide accurate and authoritative personal financial information with regard to the subject matter covered. The information is given with the understanding that Dave is not engaging in or rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice. Dave stresses that since the details of an individual’s personal situation are fact-dependent, each listener and web visitor should seek additional services of a competent professional. Dave has authorized Zander Insurance Group to use the statements appearing on this website. Dave Ramsey and his company receive no compensation from Zander Insurance Group for the use of Dave’s comments on this website. However, we do want you to know that Zander Insurance Group is an advertiser on The Dave Ramsey Show. You may obtain more information about Dave Ramsey and his show at Dave Ramsey and the Lampo Group, Inc. do not offer or sell any insurance products or receive any compensation from Zander Insurance Group derived from or dependent upon the sale of any insurance product or other services.