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A Letter From Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave Ramsey listener:

I take the endorsement and recommendation of a company to my listeners very seriously. I make sure that the product and services offered are top notch and the management of the company is committed to my listeners needs. I recommend Zander Insurance from experience. They are my agent and have been serving Dave Ramsey listeners for almost 20 years. I know they are a principled, debt free company offering insurance programs directly in line with my recommendations.

From time to time I read web comments, especially from bloggers, who are typically other insurance agents trying to discredit Zander and question my motive for endorsing them. Yes, they are an advertiser, but that has nothing to do with why I decided to recommend them. Jeff Zander has been my personal agent for about 20 years and I have worked with Zander Insurance in every facet of my business and personal insurance planning. I have experienced firsthand their expertise and commitment to service, and they continue to help my listeners nationwide make smart insurance decisions and perpetuate their efforts to getting out of debt.

For example, Zander Insurance only offers term life insurance plans. No Return of Premium or Cash Value Plans….ever! They are committed to providing the most affordable guaranteed level term life plans. Their team members are not paid commissions and their plans don’t include a bunch of riders that waste your money. While most other agents would be happy to convert your term plan to a cash value policy, since they make more money, this doesn’t happen at Zander. They also work with all my listeners regardless of age and health issues to find the most beneficial options.

The same is true for their Disability and ID Theft Protection plans. Both were designed with my listeners’ best interests in mind. Zander has worked to customize a program that provides the broadest eligibility for all types of professions and avoids add-on coverage’s that just waste your money. The ID Theft Protection Plan, which I helped design, not only takes over all the work should you become a victim but also utilizes existing free consumer services to reduce your risk of becoming a victim while lowering the cost of their plan.

Whether it is the work they do for my listeners or their community support for the Homeless, Women’s Issues and their tremendous support for our troops, these guys are the total package. They only offer the plans that really make sense for your financial goals of getting out of debt and growing wealth. They adhere to debt free principles both personally and through their business, they are committed to serving my listeners now and into the future, they are both trustworthy and honest and an organization I respect. This, for the record, is why I recommend Zander Insurance.


Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey
The Lampo Group, Inc.