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Business identity theft is on the rise, putting employees, customers, and owners at risk. Zander Identity Theft Solutions can provide you and your business with the necessary tools to respond to a data breach, identify cyber risks, and protect your team members from the detrimental effects of ID theft.

Did you know?

60% of businesses that suffer identity fraud close their doors within 1 year of the event. - (Wall Street Journal)

What is Business ID Theft?

Businesses lose over $8 billion in stolen funds every year. Cyber thieves commandeer business accounts and business credit by using information that is available to the public (like EIN numbers and state registration records) or by stealing the business owner's social security number. This opens businesses to catastrophic financial consequences, especially since the law does not require banks and creditors to cover losses from financial accounts, payroll, or credit accounts. Business ID theft can leave the business owner with a loss of personal income, legal liability and tax consequences, and a mound of personal debt.

How Can You Safeguard Against It?

Zander Identity Theft Solutions offers an array of comprehensive programs to help you safeguard your company's most valuable assets.

Business ID Theft Protection

Through surveillance and monitoring services, we track the trading and selling of business-related information, including bank account numbers, employee email addresses, credit card numbers, and business URLs, and alert you when your information is at risk. If your business becomes a victim, we provide unlimited recovery services to remedy the problem and restore your company to pre-theft status.

Cyber Insurance & Breach Readiness

Data breaches and ID theft events are not 100% preventable. In the event of a data breach, our program will assist in limiting the damage, delivering legally-mandated notifications to your affected customers and taking proactive resolution measures to help reduce the negative impact. In addition, your coverage includes protection against costly lawsuits.

Employee Benefit Protection

Nearly everyone has been a part of a data breach… even your employees. That means that they are nine times as likely to become victims of ID theft, which increases their stress and anxiety, not to mention the increased risk of lost productivity. With a group ID theft protection plan, you provide your team with benefits like personal information monitoring, $1million in stolen funds and expense reimbursement and unlimited, full-service restoration – all at a discounted rate.

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