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Protect Your Greatest Investment – Your Family.

Learn about Dave’s philosophies on a smart plan.

”Insurance is an important part of any financial plan. It transfers risk away from the individual in exchange for a premium payment. It is very valuable in some key areas to help avoid financial devastation but can also be a drag on your ability to get out of debt and grow wealth if the wrong plans are purchased. I recommend Zander because of their commitment to debt-free strategies and getting my listeners the best value for their insurance dollar. Period.”

- Dave Ramsey

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Our phones are important – we use them for everything from online shopping, to navigating where we need to go, and staying connected to our loved ones. So it only makes sense to make sure they’re protected! So . . . why don’t we treat our lives the same way? Studies show that more than […]

Applying for life insurance can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. You know you will be answering a lot of questions (probably more than once), but what else will be needed? How long does it take? At what point is payment required? Don’t worry, Zander is here to answer all of your […]

Zander maintains an array of life insurance products that offer numerous options for tobacco users. These products can save you money based on the type of tobacco used and frequency of use. We have companies that offer lower “preferred” rates for smokers and special programs with “non-smoker” rates for cigar, pipe and smokeless tobacco use. […]

The Least Expensive Way to Protect Your Family.

Term Life Insurance is the only insurance I recommend. It’s the least expensive way to get the coverage your family needs and allows you to lock in rates for 15, 20 or 30 years. I recommend that you carry 10-12 times your income. Zander’s online quoting system will help you find the most competitive options. It’s more affordable than you think!

- Dave Ramsey