Term Life

Universal Term Programs

Recently, numerous life insurance companies have introduced new “Universal/Term” life insurance plans to compete in the term life insurance marketplace. Though the terminology “Universal/Term” may cause concern, these programs are actually built to resemble and function similar to term life plans and compete with their low costs. These new universal term life plans offer guaranteed level premiums (10, 15, 20 and 30 year), guaranteed death benefit, increased flexibility and have rates in many cases lower than other companies term life plans.

We only offer plans that comply with the criteria that Dave recommends to his listeners. Dave has carefully reviewed these new “Universal/Term” plans and determined that they are a valuable alternative, when priced competitively, and should be considered as they offer “low cost protection” similar to traditional term life plans. This does not change, in any way, his opinion of never using a life insurance policy as a savings or investment tool. Life Insurance should be purchased for the purpose of protection only and you should never save or invest in a life insurance policy. For more information, visit Dave’s site at www.daveramsey.com/universalterm/.


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