Identity Theft Solutions

Personal Information Monitoring

How does Personal Information Monitoring work?

Personal Information Monitoring is a pro-active step in detecting the buying and selling of your personal information on the internet. If monitored information is found, an alert will be generated showing the details of the event.

Where is my information being searched?

Your personal information is being searched on thousands of websites on the dark web, common to cyber criminals, who are buying, selling, or trading your sensitive information.

What personal identifying information are you using to search?

We can search for is Driver's License Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Phone Numbers, Medical Insurance Number, Debit/Credit Card Numbers, and Bank Account Numbers.

Am I required to provide all of my personal information?

You are not required to provide all of your personal information. The more information you provide, the more thorough the search will be.

How often are the searches conducted?

Our searches are conducted daily.

How will I be alerted?

Alerts will be received by email.

Who can receive monitoring services under my membership?

You, your spouse, and any children that are being claimed as your dependents under 18 are allowed to receive monitoring services through our Personal Information Monitoring service and Child Information Scan.

Can you monitor my minor child's Social Security Number?

Through our Child Information Scan, we are able to monitor your minor (under 18) children's personal information to provide alerts if their information is being bought/sold online.

Does Dave Ramsey recommend using this service?

Dave Ramsey feels that monitoring by itself is a waste of money for dealing with Identity Theft. It can be expensive, over $250 per person per year, and very limited from a protection perspective. The key is to have a full service restoration plan that covers all types of ID theft and takes over all the work. The inclusion of this monitoring service only enhances our program since it is available to all members at no additional cost and in certain cases, can identify problems and issues before they develop into a full blown ID Theft event.

Can I sign up for the Personal Information Monitoring if I was already a member before the service was offered?

Yes, this service is available to all of our members who currently have active memberships, at no additional cost.

Am I required to participate?

Participation is not required. You have the option to activate or deactivate at any time during your membership.

What happens if I choose not to participate?

This is an optional service. You will continue to receive our credit report reminders, scam updates, newsletters and outstanding recovery services if you become a victim.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts, email addresses, etc. that you will monitor for me?

Your accounts can be set up for monitoring as follows:

  • SSN - 1
  • Credit/Debit Cards - 6
  • Emails - 5
  • Medical IDs - 5
  • Phone Numbers - 5
  • Bank Account Numbers - 5
  • Driver License - 1

Are you monitoring the activity on my bank/credit card accounts or just to see if someone is selling/trading my account numbers?

We do not have access to view the activity on your bank and credit card accounts. We are monitoring the numbers specifically to see if they are being bought/sold/traded on the black web. Zander recommends that you check your bank and credit card accounts daily for fraudulent activity.


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