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Identity Theft Protection

Zander IDT As Seen in Forbes

Identity Theft Protection Products:
Wise Investment or Waste of Money?

by Nick Clements, Contributor

Nick Clements


I focus on cutting debt, building savings, and banks behaving badly

Free Monitoring, But Help With Resolution

excerpt from full article

If you are comfortable using CreditKarma for monitoring, but want help with the painful resolution process, consider Zander.

Yes, this is the same Zander that Dave Ramsey regularly recommends. Zander has created a product that only costs $6.75 a month, or $75 a year if you pay all at once. Zander focuses on offering recovery services.

In the event that your identity is stolen, you will be assigned a case worker who will manage your process from beginning to end. I spoke with a customer service representative, and he told me that cases have ranged from a few months to a few years, if litigation is required.

Zander also offers a $1 million insurance policy. Using CreditKarma for daily monitoring and Zander for resolution and insurance is a cost effective strategy.

After doing this research, I am going to buy a Zander membership for my mother.


Get ID Theft Protection for less than $7 per month!