Claims Update From Zander Insurance - Flood Damage

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Claims Update

We are posting this information as a measure to further assist our clients that have filed claims related to the recent heavy rains and subsequent flooding and water damage in Middle Tennessee. Teams of adjusters from the Insurance Companies have been arriving on site and have begun to visit those affected individuals for inspections and review of damages. We wanted to provide you a few tips that may assist you in dealing with the adjusters and help present your claim in the most favorable light. These are difficult times but there are certain steps that you can take to help maximize potential coverage and settlement. If you have any questions after reviewing this detail please feel free to contact us.

  • Always be courteous to the adjuster since they are the first responder for the insurance company but not always the final decision-maker in the event of a claim. Policy provisions can be very complicated so it is to your benefit to not assign any terminology to the cause of your loss at this time.
  • Emphasizing that your property was flooded by rising surface water or seepage from your foundation will trigger exclusions in homeowner policies. There may be contributing factors to your water damage so it is best to describe your loss as caused by the heavy rains.
  • Many homeowner’s policies provide for water damage protection if it is a result of another covered peril or event such as windstorm damage that may have then contributed to the water damage. In addition, back up of sewers and drains within your home, sump pump failure or a broken pipe are also events that may trigger protection under a homeowner’s policy.
  • If you have experienced damage of any kind form the recent weather event please report it to our office at 800-356-1780 so we can promptly notify your company and get an adjuster out to your premise as quickly as possible.


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