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AssurityBalance® Century+ Disability Income Insurance policy will help protect your greatest asset – your income. In the event of disability, you will need an alternative source of income and your AssurityBalance® policy will be there. You will receive a monthly benefit for the time you are totally disabled within the policy benefit period. You select the monthly benefit amount and the benefit period that is right for you – a policy customized to your personal needs. Coverage requested is subject to eligibility requirements and includes the following:

  • Monthly Benefit amounts from $500 up to approximately 60% of your pre-tax monthly income
  • Benefit Periods of 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, or To Age 65
  • Elimination Periods of 90 days or 180 days

Other policy features include:

The AssurityBalance® Century+ Disability Income Insurance policy was designed to balance your need for income protection for tomorrow at a premium you can pay for today. The policy blends key elements of the most important disability coverages to maximize the protection provided while maintaining affordability for today’s tight family budgets. When considering the statistics,

  • An illness or accident will keep one in five workers out of work for at least a year before the age of 65. (Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, November 2005)
  • The average long-term disability absence lasts 2 ½ years. (Commissioner’s Individual Disability Table A, 2008)
  • Medical bills were a factor in more than 60% of bankruptcies in 2007. Almost 80% of people who filed for bankruptcy in 2007 had health insurance coverage. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Reuters/Boston Globe et al. June, 2009)
  • At age 30, the chances of a long term disability are 4 ½ times greater than the chances of death. (JHA Disability Fact Book 2004)

The need for thorough and affordable disability income protection is crucial. The AssurityBalance® policy, along with a properly funded emergency fund, can help assure that your family’s lifestyle is not vulnerable and can continue through a period of disability and income loss.

Take the time; do the research. The AssurityBalance® Century+ Disability Income Insurance policy represents an excellent value for you and your family’s disability needs.

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