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Identity Theft Protection

I Received an Alert from Zander ID Theft Solutions – What Now?

Zander IDT Alerts

Receiving an alert that your personal information has been compromised can be scary. The good news? It doesn’t mean you’re a victim of identity theft. We proactively monitor your information and alert you if that information is found on the dark web.

Here are a few steps to take if you receive a notification from us:

Check Your Credit Report

We recommend checking your credit reports and other financial statements regularly (regardless of whether or not you’ve received an alert). The purpose of this is to keep an eye on your transactions and investigate any you do not recognize. If you do see suspicious activity on your credit report, financial statements, or anywhere else, please reach out to us. Our team of restoration specialists will immediately get to work on your behalf to clear your name.

You can access your credit reports from all three bureaus at no cost at You can even check for updates once a week at no additional charge! It’s a free and easy way to stay on top your financial information.

Place a Fraud Alert

Visit to place a fraud alert on your credit. This will notify a potential creditor that extra identity verification steps should be taken if your personal information is used to apply for credit. Fraud alerts are free and last an entire year.

Stay Calm

It’s easier said than done, but you can rest assured that if you received an alert from Zander ID Theft Solutions, we’re handling it. We cover all types of identity theft, so if you do become a victim, remember – you’re protected by $1 million in stolen funds and expense reimbursement, full-service restoration, and access to our team of experts 24/7/365.


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