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Identity Theft Protection

What is a VPN?

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) works to disguise your online identity by encrypting your internet traffic, making it harder for both your internet provider and other third-party services to track and steal data. A VPN essentially makes your data unreadable so that even if someone were to access your data, it would be useless. 

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN works like a tunnel between your internet connection and a remote server that could be miles away from your actual location. This tunnel gives the impression that your data is coming from the VPN, not your computer. Doing so obscures your online identity – safely, securely, and anonymously. Your IP address is a unique ID attached to your computer that gets left behind like breadcrumbs on every site you visit. These breadcrumbs are traceable, which makes your information susceptible to hackers. A VPN hides your IP address from hackers so that they cannot steal your information or, worst case, your identity. Internet service providers can sell your data to advertisers but a VPN would prevent the data from being sold – keeping your private information private.

What Does a VPN Do For You?

A VPN allows you to control your privacy. Your IP address is connected to various forms of identification, such as your geographic location and browsing history. With a VPN, all of that information is concealed. When the VPN server communicates your inquiry to the website you are trying to reach, the website sees the server’s IP address instead of yours.

Why Choose Zander’s Ultra VPN?

Zander’s UltraVPN works to secure your internet connection with military-grade encryption that hides your IP address from hackers on up to 10 devices. It protects your data and identity while you browse, stream, shop, or bank online – keeping you safe from online thieves and threats. 


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