Should I Activate Zander Insurance Ultra Antivirus Feature?

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Identity Theft Protection

Should I Activate Zander’s Ultra Antivirus Feature if I Already Have Antivirus Software?

identity theft protection antivirus

No, it is not necessary to have two antivirus programs on a device.

If you are using another antivirus software that you are content with, you can upgrade to our Elite plan and take advantage of the other features offered, such as the UltraVPN, Credit Lock, and Financial Account Takeover monitoring. 


If you wanted to use the Ultra Antivirus feature of your Zander Elite ID theft protection plan, you would need to uninstall any current antivirus program (ex: Norton or Windows Defender) before downloading the Ultra Antivirus. Running multiple antivirus programs on a device could cause problems mid installation, and the device may not perform as well as it should. 


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