Identity Theft Protection

How Does Zander’s ID Theft Plan Work?

You can most effectively combat identity theft by enrolling in a program that combines prevention components with full-service recovery. The truth is that no plan can thoroughly prevent ID theft 100% of the time, so we have integrated the tools that help reduce your risk while providing critical recovery services if an ID theft event does occur. No matter the cost or how long it takes, our certified recovery specialists will take care of restoring your identity to pre-theft status if you fall victim to this expensive, time-consuming, and terrifying crime.

As part of our prevention services, we monitor your personal information, searching the web and other databases for signs of misuse. Additionally, we provide online cybersecurity services such as VPN (a virtual private network) and antivirus software that allow you to browse the web, stream content, shop, and bank online with encryption. Looking after and reducing access to your information is an important step to reduce becoming an identity theft victim.

Regardless of the fraud committed- financial, Social Security or unemployment, medical id theft, crimes committed in your name, etc, our restoration services cover it all. To minimize the impact on your daily life, we provide white-glove service and recover your identity as fast as possible.
As an added benefit, our members receive $1,000,000 ($2,000,000 on family plans) in stolen funds protection and expense reimbursement coverage, including legal fees, lost wages, and more. Our family plan covers any two adults and children at no cost. Our U.S.-based support is offered 24/7/365 to assist you in whatever you might need, such as reviewing your credit reports and accessing free services credit card opt-out, do-not-call lists, placing fraud alerts, freezing your credit, and more.

We have developed the most thorough and affordable plan that helps reduce your risk of falling victim to identity theft. With Zander Identity Theft Solutions, if you are a victim, you will receive immediate and effective assistance from a team you can trust to handle the problem and limit the hassles caused by having your identity stolen. That is why Dave Ramsey has only ever recommended and used our plan for his family and all his team members. Check out our comprehensive options or call us toll-free at 1.888.210.3274.


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