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Fraudulent Job Postings

idt fake job ads

The most recent employment scam gaining popularity is fraudulent job postings. With many Americans leaving their jobs or being unemployed due to the pandemic, scammers have taken advantage of this situation, fooling many into applying to fake job ads.

How Are Scam Job Postings Happening?

Scammers dupe potential applicants by recreating companies’ career pages in which the site asks applicants to provide personally identifiable information. Once the person applies, the scammer will reach out to ask for even more information, all while using a web address that resembles the actual company’s web address.

Scammers also pose as potential employers and send unsolicited job offers after applicants have posted their resumes to actual job sites. Many people have reported receiving emails asking them to interview for jobs to which they haven’t even applied.

Job application scams are nothing new. Victims have reportedly been asked to buy software or equipment from the scammers to prep for the nonexistent job, or reship items purchased with stolen credit cards.

Indeed, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the top three platforms where users have reported seeing fake job advertisements. However, Indeed has quality guidelines that each job listing must meet and they remove over ten million listings a month that do not meet those standards.

How To Protect Yourself

When applying to jobs online, make sure to research the company and verify it is a real business. Another helpful strategy is to fill out the application directly on the company’s careers page to ensure the job posting is legitimate. If you fall victim to a job application scam, the best thing you can do is have identity theft protection in place.

What Does This Mean For You

There is no need to worry if you are a Zander Identity Theft Solutions member. You will receive an alert if we detect that your information is misused. We recommend upgrading to our Elite plan in preparation. For a few dollars more per month, you will get ou r premium VPN and Antivirus software, Experian CreditLock, Account Takeover Monitoring and New Account Monitoring.

If you do not have identity theft protection, now would be a great time to enroll in a plan! Zander Identity Theft Solutions offers $1,000,000 in stolen funds protection, military-grade monitoring, alerts, and full-service restoration. Zander also boasts the most affordable cybersecurity bundle that reduces your risk of becoming a victim.

If you have identity theft protection through a different provider, your identity is still protected; but with Zander Identity Theft, we can save you money if you switch while ensuring full recovery if anything were to happen.

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