Term Life

Do I Need a Burial Policy?

burial insurance

Term life insurance should not be used for final expenses or burial. Your term life insurance plan could expire before the death of the insured, making it not a viable method to plan for final expenses.

When buying term life insurance, the goal is to be paying off debt and growing your savings, so that by the time your insurance expires, there won’t be a need for life insurance. Dave Ramsey doesn’t recommend buying life insurance with the sole intention of using the money to cover final expenses, as in most cases your emergency fund and/or savings should pay for them.

There are some rare instances that you want to consider a burial type of policy, such as one through Senior Legacy Insurance. While Dave Ramsey does not typically recommend a burial policy, as it is a cash value plan, it could be the only way to address a need for insurance if you are dealing with an older individual whose financial or medical situation does not allow for any other option.

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