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Term Life

Where is Term Life Insurance in Dave’s Baby Steps?



If you are following Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps to change your money habits, you’re trying to save and pay off debt as quickly as possible. So – where does term life insurance fall into that plan? Dave’s answer: immediately!

Why It’s Not Part of the Baby Steps

Purchasing term life insurance isnt part of the Baby Steps because your family is never more at risk than when you are in debt. How would they manage financially if something happened to you today? Whether you are just starting your emergency fund, paying off your debt snowball, or somewhere further along, you need to take care of this right away.

“It’s not a baby step. It’s an immediate need.” – Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey Insurance

How it Impacts Your Budget

One of the best things about choosing term life insurance is that it’s the most affordable type of coverage available because you’re only paying for the length of time that you need it. Look at it this way – depending on your age, health status, and a few other factors, a $250,000, 15-year term policy could cost you less than $10/month. That comes out to about 33 cents a day — much less than your daily coffee run and a pretty low price for peace of mind.

Pick Your Path

With Zander, you choose how to move forward. If you have questions about term length, coverage amounts, or anything else, give us a call to get started. Our Guides are here to walk you through every step of the process. Short on time or just prefer to get started on your own? Get a free, instant quote at the link below. We work our process around your schedule to give you an easy, personalized experience.



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